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We Help Amazon Brands

Our Mission

At Toucan Tracking, our mission is to revolutionize amazon tracking by seamlessly connecting fragmented platforms within the Amazon ecosystem. We empower brands with comprehensive insights for unprecedented growth. Our innovative tracking solutions simplify data complexity, providing real-time analytics and actionable reports. By unifying diverse channels, we enable informed decisions and amplify brand presence, shaping the future of Amazon marketplace tracking.

Our Purpose

In a dynamic digital landscape, we recognize the challenges faced by Amazon brands in navigating the maze of analytics platforms and performance metrics. Our purpose is to simplify this journey by consolidating and distilling complex data into actionable intelligence. Through our innovative tracking technology, we empower brands to harness the power of holistic insights, strategically capitalizing on opportunities and optimizing their performance within the Amazon marketplace. At Toucan Tracking, our purpose-driven commitment revolves around nurturing brand expansion, fostering collaborative partnerships, and elevating the standards of Amazon tracking to new horizons.

Our Story

Our story began as a group of like-minded individuals—marketing visionaries, data aficionados, and seasoned development experts—whose friendship and professional collaboration dates back to their high school days. Their deep-rooted passion for their crafts drove them to establish Toucan Tracking. 


Having honed their skills together over the years, their shared commitment led to the creation of an Amazon software company with a singular goal: to streamline fragmented amazon platforms and empower Amazon brands to thrive. Today, Toucan Tracking stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, offering innovative tracking solutions that unify data, facilitate real-time decision-making, and drive unparalleled success for Amazon brands.

Our Team.

Toucan Tracking boasts an exceptional blend of expertise drawn from diverse backgrounds. From a seasoned marketer with a track record of generating billions in sales to a data scientist proficient in managing billion-dollar brands, and a skilled developer overseeing substantial development ventures, our collective experience enables us to deliver unparalleled solutions to enhance your Amazon brand's strategies.


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