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Our Features

Toucan Tracking revolutionizes Amazon brand marketing by seamlessly integrating fragmented advertising platforms. Our advanced audience solutions empower brands to optimize ads, creative, and achieve unprecedented growth within the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon CRM Integration

Explore how Toucan Tracking's mastery lies in connecting the dots between Amazon data and client CRM systems. Witness the game-changing integration that allows businesses to gain profound insights into customer behavior, enabling personalized experiences and targeted marketing strategies.

Customer Data

Embark on a journey of unparalleled discovery with Toucan Tracking, where brands can effortlessly find their flock within the vast expanse of Amazon's customer data. By seamlessly uncovering Amazon customer data you step into the world of Toucan Tracking and witness the power of insights that go beyond mere data - they lead brands to find and engage with their community on Amazon like never before.

Subscribe & Save Customer Data

Delve into the groundbreaking feature that lifts the veil on Subscribe and Save customer identities. Uncover how businesses can now tailor their strategies to cater specifically to this segment, optimizing marketing efforts and fostering loyalty for recurring revenue streams.

Ad Tracking

Toucan Tracking allows clients to connect amazon ads to external ad platforms. Our innovative solutions provide Amazon brands with the agility needed to navigate dynamic market demands while maintaining efficient ad spends.

Amazon Customer (LTV)
Life Time Value

Gain insights into the strategic importance of understanding Customer Lifetime Value. Toucan Tracking not only provides access to Amazon data but also empowers businesses to calculate and analyze LTV, enabling informed decision-making for maximizing returns on customer acquisition.

Competitive Edge

Wrap up the journey through the enormous possibilities unlocked by Toucan Tracking. From efficient marketing campaigns to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, businesses can now navigate Amazon data in ways never thought possible. Embrace the power of Toucan Tracking and transform your Amazon data into a strategic asset for sustainable growth and success.

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